How Lucas Krump and Evryman are Redefining the Wellness Industry for Men

Lucas Krump is building a community for men. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Evryman which proudly calls itself ‘more than just a men’s group’. It’s a global network of men who are helping each other to live more fulfilling and ultimately successful lives. In this episode of Let’s Connect For Good, Lucas tells Alicia […]

How Dr. Tracy P. Alloway Stays Connected, Thinks Like a Girl, and Starts a New Conversation

What is a psychologist’s take on the need for connection among humans? At this time of the ongoing pandemic, when the whole world yearns for physical interactions, Dr. Tracy Alloway sees emerging possibilities – for us to create more meaningful connections. She is an award-winning psychologist, working memory expert, and author of 15 books, including […]

How Differences Inspire New Ways of Thinking and Moving Through the World

One of the things that make us human is connection – between those we know and those we would want to know. It’s that sense of connection that opens us up to different perspectives and experience togetherness. Adele Myers, Founder and Artistic Director at the Miami-based dance company Adele Myers and Dancers (AMD), found her […]

How Architecture is Free Foundation is Building Opportunity Through Access

What if you could remove any financial, social, and geographic obstacles contributing to the educational exclusion of a section of our society? Today’s guest fought hard to turn the idea into reality and started the Architecture Is Free Foundation nonprofit. He brought together different groups of marginalized teachers and students to remove any barriers to […]

How an Art Gallerist Uses Climate Friendly Tech to Support Today’s Artists

Jay Caldwell is changing the face of the gallerist world. He is the Principal at Caldwell Gallery Hudson, where he is creating something unique. He’s building a new model of representing living artists by compensating them in new ways, as well as charitable work and utilizing cutting-edge climate-friendly tech for art showcases and residencies. His […]


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