How Edenesque’s Founder is Plotting a Course to Maintain Sustainable Nutrient-Dense Alternative Milks

When Leslie Woodward was a young girl, a trip to a grocery store prompted a lifelong interest in food and nutrition – which became the idea for a venture that would become a reality.

Leslie saw that there was almost no healthy food available with most of it packed with fillers, preservatives and ingredients that are hard even to pronounce. This prompted her vision to create fresh, healthy alternative milks which is sourced from local farmers and producers.

She joins us on Let’s Connect For Good to tell us about her journey creating Edenesque.

We’re also joined by special guest food scientist Dr. Taylor Wallace for a conversation about food you’ve never heard before. We discuss why your health is a clear reflection of the food you eat, the importance of sourcing ingredients wisely, the process of setting up a profitable business that also focuses on empowering the community, and the future of sustainability and environment-friendly initiatives among businesses.

What ideas will Leslie and Dr. Taylor come up with as they look into how they could work together?

You’ll also learn:

  • Why food labels are so important
  • Leslie’s approach to hiring
  • How Leslie is approaching funding while ensuring the quality of her products isn’t sacrificed
  • Technology as an enabler of sustainability

Meet The Guest…

Chef Leslie Woodward is the CEO and Creator of Edenesque, which provides clean and natural alternative milks. She has been interested in food since she was a child. She founded Edenesque with the mission of creating nutrient dense and filler-free food that is good to taste and healthy for the gut. Most importantly, Leslie is a leader who believes in serving the community through her skills and ability.

Dr. Taylor Wallace is the Principal and CEO at the Think Healthy Group. His academic research interests are in the area of nutritional interventions to promote health and prevent the onset of chronic disease. Dr. Wallace has a PhD an MS in Food Science and Nutrition from The Ohio State University and a BS in Food Science from the University of Kentucky. He operates the popular food and nutrition blog,, is co-host of the weekly radio show, Risky Behavior™️, and a regular guest commentator in the mainstream media, regularly seen on NBC4 Washington and the Dr. Oz Show.

Time Stamps…

01:40 Leslie explains her vision for Edenesque — thinking beyond profit to serve the community

03:27 Here’s what national numbers tell us about our national health and nutrient deficiency diseases

04:50 Why Leslie decided to take a nutrient degree

06:13 What is transparency, and how does it show up to your customers — “Transparency means that you can actually understand everything that’s on the label.”

08:31 The nutritional value of nut milk served by Edenesque

09:32 What is reverse osmosis of water?

10:09 How Leslie makes her programs and products affordable to those who need them and about her upcoming community member program that aims at serving the underserved in society

14:33 About Leslie’s outreach program and what it does 

19:57 Leslie on creating something out of nothing and why she’s all about serving people

22:42 Leslie on the importance of her values

23:51 Why Edenesque is not only clean but also sustainable and environment-friendly

24:50 Details of production at Edenesque

27:41 How to navigate the challenges faced with growing, scaling and distribution

30:39 Leslie tells us about future growth and funding challenges

38:03 Value points to note from the conversation

41:38 Food names, terms, additives, ingredients, and processes with food scientist Leslie

48:10 The role of technology

51:49 Taylor on working with food companies and sustainable food systems, logistical knowledge, nutrition, and environmental well-being

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