How an Art Gallerist Uses Climate Friendly Tech to Support Today’s Artists

Jay Caldwell is changing the face of the gallerist world.

He is the Principal at Caldwell Gallery Hudson, where he is creating something unique.

He’s building a new model of representing living artists by compensating them in new ways, as well as charitable work and utilizing cutting-edge climate-friendly tech for art showcases and residencies.

His work is also showcasing charity which is associated with climate and social action, with two dedicated annual shows and giving a percentage of sale proceeds to the charity the artist selects. 

In today’s episode, Jay tells us more about his work, as well as his own story. 

You’ll also learn:

  • Why failures always teach you something new
  • Blockchain technology as an immutable, decentralized and distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset
  • How the NFT space might help us create new ways to have accountability
  • The joy of watching something get created and following it through to be a part of it

Meet The Guest…

Jay Caldwell is the Principal at Caldwell Gallery Hudson, which delivers the highest quality fine art, at any budget level, for both beginning and seasoned collectors.

Time Stamps…

[01:23] Why Jay says failure is the greatest thing that ever happened to him

[06:35] Jay explains his business, a secondary market gallery, and how, for 48 years, they’ve bought and sold the work of deceased artists.

[07:11] How Jay met artist Nicolina Kovalenko and how her work inspired him

[09:34] Jay speaks about the pillars of this enterprise, including Blockchain, NFT, and the Metaverse

[10:51] What is blockchain technology?

[11:46] What are NFTs?

[14:10] The two ways to validate blockchain transactions

[15:30] How can you differentiate fine art and collectable NFTs?

[18:59] Jay speaks about The Armory Show in New York

[21:09] About the NFT drop that occurred a few months back by an artist named Nancy Baker Cahill, a globally known speaker, and head of the NFT group called Contract Killers

[24:17] About the first-ever museum exhibition of digital and NFT art, called Proof of Art

[26:02] Jay talks about Nicolina’s expeditions to coral reefs to study and see their beauty and observe the devastation they’re undergoing with coral bleaching. She has created paintings based on the photographic inspirations that she received from them

[29:53] Jay talks about The Disruptors’ Ball

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