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Alicia Sternberg-Llanos is a life-long connector who credits personal disconnects in combination with some trauma and learning differences as the reason why she is an intuitive connector and sideways thinker. Let’s Connect For Good was born out of her desire to give back and provide access to her vast network of organizations and people who have a penchant for good.
Alicia believes that we all have something of value to contribute and receive pathways to meet people who are not part of our immediate networks. This podcast will be a bridge for a community where each guest will tell us about their organization, where they are in their journey, and how we might help them. We will follow their progress through the podcast episodes, within our inclusive community, and on Social Media where we can bear witness to their outcomes.
True connection is created, by getting to know people on a deeper level, and that is how we start to imagine the possibilities not just for ourselves but for others and that is connecting for good. Welcome to the lcfg community.

About the host

Alicia Sternberg- Llanos

Alicia is a strategic and creative career connector and Podcaster with a mission to provide business development and advisory for individuals and organizations with a corporate initiative to better our world. Alicia specializes in building relationships and connections that work. With a demonstrated record of achievement in developing win-win solutions to deliver revenue and profitability, Alicia is known for cultivating strategic partnerships and alliances that are not obvious at first but have produced new opportunities to emerge. A champion of collaboration based on trust, Alicia leverages her skill and experience in new technology platforms for media and telecommunications. Alicia is used to wearing many hats, having worked with start-ups from pre-funding to launch. She has a skill set that is broadly transferrable. She has worked with an eclectic variety of organizations in business, academia, the arts, and non-profit sectors.

An effective sales, marketing, and business development professional, content creator, and thought leader cultivator, Alicia is committed to helping organizations and individuals thrive and win. Her passion, education and experience are the foundation for her success in bringing innovation and results to the clients she serves.

Alicia Sternberg- Llanos


Meet the Guests

Each guest is an active member of the lcfg community, helping and supporting our network where they can.


Our first drop of episodes is now available! We can’t wait for you to hear from our inspiring guests. Listen below or on your podcast platform of choice and follow us on Instagram @lcfgpodcast!


lcfg invites you to join and engage with our podcast series through our inclusive community where guests are also active members. This is a supportive, forward-thinking, safe space where an offer of help is our mantra! Our aim is to spark connection, collaboration, innovation, and momentum to help further our guests’ mission for good. Come join the conversation or just listen in, it is up to you! Do you have an idea? Would you like to help a guest? Is there a person or an organization you would like to nominate for an upcoming season? Let us know!

Please offer us feed-forward as this will help us refine our podcast and deliver you content that resonates! Thank you for joining us, and let’s connect for good!!

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We’d love to hear your thoughts and feed-forward on Let’s Connect for Good. You can also nominate a guest or offer help to a previous guest using this form. Whatever your reason for getting in touch, we’re all ears.