#2 Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse, How to Spot Narcissism In A Relationship and Dealing With A Jealous Partner with Emma Davey

I loved chartting to Emma Davey, qualified integrative counsellor and a recovery coach for victims that have suffered from Narcissistic Abuse on today’s episode. Emma and I discuss her own personal experiences of being in a narcissistic relationship and Emma shares ways you can overcome narcissistic abuse. We also share how you should deal with a jealous partner and discuss online dating during the pandemic.

You can find out more about Emma on her website, My Trauma Therapy https://www.mytraumatherapy.co.uk

If you’re suffering from narcissistic abuse and you’re looking for support, you can find Emma’s Facebook Group at (3) Victims of Narcissistic Abuse Support Group | Facebook

If you are struggling in any way call Samaritans for free on 116 123, visit samaritans.org

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